Mobile is the essential thing for us nowadays, we have picked some interesting apps that can help you improve your relationship with your honey.


1. The List App 

你們一直希望完成的目標和事情可能有很多,不妨可以在list app 記下,然後一起努力達到吧

Sometimes you are looking forward to finishing something together, so just write the bucket list on the list app and plan a little bit to work for it together

2. Between

可以用Between 作平日傳訊息之外,互相發送的照片會上傳到app 中的moment,成為你們二人的相冊了。除了可以訂立紀念日和特別日子外,between sticker 也很可愛啊.

You can use it as message app, and upload photos as photo albums. Other than counting down days to anniversary or special dates, the couple stickers are just cuteness overdose, that you won’t feel bored even keep using them in chat.


想把你的訊息直接在lock screen 展示出來嗎?想直接畫心心送給他嗎?lok lok 可以把兩件事情同時顯示到對方的手機桌面上,閃光彈大發的時候!

You can draw, write messages, or add photos to your screen, and it shows up on your partner’s screen – all without leaving the lock-screen.

4. Synaptop

無論距離有多遠,用theatre 這應用程式就可以跟他一起同步看電影,這樣又過一個幸福的下午了。只適用於電腦Synaptop

You can watch movie together even you are apart, especially for the distant couples. The application is only on Synaptic

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 10.03.21 PM.png


希望他可以為你做些事情而不敢說出口的可以用kouply 鼓勵他,做到的話可以有獎勵分,好讓他可以繼續努力喔,不過要互相努力才好玩的!

Give rewards to your love when they do sweet gestures to you. Kouply is to encourage you to spend more time and effort to your significant one.